The Glass magazine

The Glass magazine

A thoroughly modern manicure

As much as people deride us Londoners as being an unfeeling, uncaring, hard-nosed lot, who want to be left in peace when they go for their beauty treatments– it’s just not true. It’s not nice to go into a nail salon, be shunted over to a table and have to stare awkwardly out of the window for the next 30 or 40 minutes while your overworked and underpaid therapist chatters away in a foreign tongue to their colleague sitting next to them.
I think most of us would be happy to pay a bit extra for a welcoming atmosphere and unwind somewhere where the staff are looked after and actually give two hoots about your experience as a result. After all, whether you’re time-strapped city dweller or not – everyone likes to be fussed over and made to feel just a little bit special, every once in a while… Read more: The Glass magazine.

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